Wednesday, December 28, 2011

18 Best ways to enjoy your trip to Chile

It could be the best trip of your life.  Lonely Planet put Santiago in the top-ten city destinations for 2012. There's also Valparaiso, the Atacama desert, Pucon and Torres del Paine in Patagonia to enjoy.  Click on the slideshow link below to see some of my favorites from my last trip there.

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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Now this makes sense - TSA is catching on

Under the category "It's about time," the TSA announced the launch of their

TSA Cares Toll Free Helpline for Travelers with Disabilities and Medical Needs


Hopefully this will eliminate many if not most of those terribly embarrassing moments we all hear about. For full details, read about it here.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Photographic Creativity Study

Have a "nature" photo that you shot that you think is award worthy? If so, it will pay $10 minimum if you submit it here: Photographic Creativity Study If it's the best, it could pay $1,000.

This is actually a study being done by a university professor, so you will be asked some questions in addition to submitting your photo. The whole process takes less than 10 minutes.

$10 for 10 minutes = not a bad deal

Sunday, December 18, 2011

All dressed up – let’s travel

Sport coat and slacks that look good – day in and day out – from Magellan’s

When you've traveled close to a million air miles, you learn that one thing you can’t live without is a good men’s blazer.  Whether for an important meeting or fine dining, a blazer that travels well is pure gold.

I finally found it!

A few months ago I discovered the Ultimate Travel Blazer from Magellan’s. For well under $200, this is the most forgiving coat I’ve ever worn. Folded in a suitcase for three days, it unpacks and wrinkles fall out almost immediately. On a 12 hour flight back from Taiwan, I sat in it for the first couple hours and then used it as a blanket for the last four hours. No wrinkles!

If its wrinklelessness wasn’t good enough already, they pack it with extra features. In addition to the typical exterior pockets, this comes with four generous-sized, zippered, internal pockets. They are perfect to hold airline tickets, cellphone, compact camera, mp3 player with earbuds, and even a seven-inch Android tablet. Keep that in mind next time you’re stuck in your seat waiting for the “fasten seatbelts” light to go out. With this coat, you’ve got everything you need for hours of enjoyment on the plane and terrific stylish looks while you’re off the plane.

Magellan’s offers the Ultimate Travel Blazer in two colors: black and tan. Here’s how they describe it:

The soft, wrinkle-resistant, microfiber thin wale corduroy is perfect year round, and dresses up or down with ease. Mesh half lining is breathable, and a touch of spandex ensures ease of movement. Classic tailoring details include a two-button front, shaped shoulders, chest pocket, flapped hip pockets, and back vent. And inside there are four zippered security pockets. Made of 85% polyester/13% nylon/2% spandex.

And slacks too

As a perfect complement to the coat, I also picked up a pair of their Flat Front Denim Pants. Available in denim and dark denim, these are some comfortable, smart-looking slacks. With just a hint of Lycra in the fabric and a hidden, stretch waistband, these slacks just fit great, day after day. I got the darker denim ones, and they don’t show dirt the way my khaki pants do. Even on two-week trips to Zimbabwe and Chile, they still held their shape and looked sharp. They even include a fifth hidden security pocket.

If you are looking to perk up your wardrobe for 2012, you need to seriously give these a look, or pass this article on to the Santa Claus in your life. While you are at Magellan’s website, you’re liable to find a slew of products you never saw before. Happy shopping. 

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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Luxury in London

Tired of small European rooms?  If you are in London, you simply must try a night at Landmark London

If you had taken a train into London in 1899, you would have undoubtedly booked a hotel room at Landmark London, which celebrated its grand opening that year.  Rail was a glorious way to travel then and the hotel was just as grand. Now, a century later, it has been restored and continues to be a destination in itself on London’s north side.

Set between Regent’s Park and Hyde Park, Landmark London is a feast for the eyes of those who love gothic architecture. With its stained glass windows, impressive stone walls and tastefully appointed interiors, you can imagine yourself as that king returning to his castle, even if only for the duration of your stay.

I stayed at Landmark London only one night, breaking up a trip from Africa back to the United States. Checking in late one afternoon, I was immediately sorry I was going to only be there one day. From the front desk staff to all the other employees encountered that afternoon, they couldn’t have been more accommodating or friendly.

 I asked many of them for shopping, dining and sightseeing recommendations and without exception, they each gave thoughtful, detailed answers. Where often you’ll receive a terse, quick recommendation, each one explained why they liked the place they were recommending as well as took the time to make sure I understood where I needed to go. Those additional 30 seconds of interaction with their guests made a huge difference.

Checking into my room, I was taken aback with the size and layout of the place. Used to small European rooms, this was nothing like I expected. In addition to a sumptuously comfortable king-sized bed, there was a full sized sofa, chair and coffee table as well as a wonderfully practical full-sized desk.  The palette of beiges and cream tones was accented with an African print on the pillows.  Gleaming marble throughout the large bath completed the luxury experience.

Grand hotels can be grand but awkward if they don’t accommodate the technology needs of today’s travelers. That’s not a problem here. Plenty of outlets, hi-speed internet and a large flat-panel TV were ready for whatever your media or communication needs.

My room (#461) looked out onto the eight-story atrium where I could watch diners in the Winter Garden restaurant below. The following morning I couldn’t resist trying the breakfast there. It was a fantastic selection of buffet fare as well as cooked to order eggs, sausages, etc. I will guarantee that no one leaves here hungry. Food was piping hot and perfectly presented. This is a place for casual paced dining though. Don’t plan to hurry in, eat and leave. You’ll enjoy your time here.

The Landmark London is a member of Great Hotels of the World Luxury Collection. Single rooms start from £179.00. For more information or to book, check out their website or call 020 7380 3658.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

They do luxury best

Viceroy Hotel Group - winners in the Hotel category
During the 2011 Luxury Travel Expo in Las Vegas, four travel professionals were selected as leaders in their respective travel segments and received the “Leaders in Luxury” awards from show presenters Travel Agent and Travel Advisor magazines.  Ruthanne Terrero, vice-president and editorial director for Questex Hospitality + Travel Group commented that each recipient truly embodied excellence in luxury travel and showed by example how dedication to the industry led to future success.

Awards were presented to the following individuals in four separate categories:

“Tours” was won by Greg Tepper, president of Exeter International.

Nicholas Clayton, president of Viceroy Hotel Group won for “Hotels.”  Viceroy distinguishes itself by designing each hotel uniquely for its market. Last year they added their latest hotel - Viceroy Maldives to their world-wide collection of properties.

Gary D. Davis, president of All About Travel, Inc. won the “Travel Professional” award.

The “Cruise” award was taken by Richard Sasso, president and chief executive officer of MSC Cruises.  MSC is now the fourth largest cruise company. Sasso founded the idea of “a ship within a ship” concept called the MSC Yacht Club, where passengers can enjoy exclusive access and privileges, yet still have access to the remainder of the ship’s activities when desired. Yacht Club members enjoy butler service, luxury suites, complimentary wine and spirits and private dining, lounge, pool and bar.

Editors of Travel Agent and Travel Advisor magazines selected the winners from a field of 16 finalists and presented the awards during a special ceremony at Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino. 

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No economic downturn for this group

Economic downturn? Don’t tell the thousands of travel agencies and companies who specialize in luxury travel. With over 400 exhibitors at the 2011 Luxury Travel Expo promoting their high-priced vacations and holidays, the sentiment of many of the 2,000 attendees is that luxury travel will actually increase in 2012. 

The Luxury Travel Expo is a gathering of exhibitors from around the world, including such varied locations as Taiwan, Bavaria, Croatia, Botswana, Macau and Dubai.  Over 40 countries have sent representatives from their tourism bureaus to promote their destinations.  Just about every type of travel is represented as well, with firms featuring luxury air, sea, rail and limo travel. 

The show runs from 6 December to 8 December and offers the attendees opportunities to network and learn about dozens of travel offerings in one, convenient setting. The show is located in the convention center of Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

The Expo is presented by Travel Advisor and Travel Agent magazines, both members of the Questex Media group.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Something for travelers to think about

The internet is full of lists for things to pack,  top sites for deals, etc. etc.; but, I just ran across a good, quick-read article from Matt Long on blog.  It's entitled Five Things Your Should Do on Every Trip.  It's worth a look here: .

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