Sunday, April 1, 2012

March Articles

If you are looking for new articles, most all my articles are being posted on  Here are some of the March 2012 articles you'll find there:

"Show me how" to use the newest iPhones
See how easily you can mount your laptop to your tripod
Make videos for the new iPad and iPhone4S
You don’t have to be in New York City to spend a day with Jay Maisel
The secret of more battery life A review of the Powerbag
Bracketron Cradle-iT Golf cart mount
Eight best accessories for your iPhone4 or iPhone4S - Part two  Mophie Powerstation, Simple megaphone, eco extreme, optrix HD
Eight best accessories for your iPhone4 or iPhone4S 
Mophie Juice pack air, Bracketron, Zerochroma, Lifeproof
Marley Jammin’ Positive Vibration headphones – a product review
Olloclip – three lenses in one for your iPhone
ZOMM – a wireless leash for your wireless phone
Tiffen Dfx 3.0 – for your creative side
Possibly the best work pants on the market
Architectural Photography, 2nd edition
American Airlines adds legroom across entire fleet

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