Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Got photos? Got lenses? Got the photography or video bug? Got milk? If you've got at least three of the four, you've come to the right place.

If you can't stop shooting... if you want your images to do more than fill your harddrive... if you want to have more fun while reading fewer manuals - you've come to the right place.

In the weeks to come, I'll be sharing the wealth of information available for photographers and videographers who want to do more than take an occassional birthday shot. I'll be covering industry news, gear and accessories, new product introductions and even events where you can improve your skill or get inspired. In short, if I think it might be helpful, I'll be including it here.

This isn't a beginning photographer's blog, but we aren't aiming for the professionals either. You know who you are - the non-professionals who strive to make your shots every bit as good as the professionals do. That's not too much to expect, and you've arrived at the right place. I'll try to help you meet that goal. So let's dive in....

If you take hundreds of photos per shoot, invariably you'll have lots of reviewing to do selecting the keepers. Keeping every shot you take can fill your hard drive in no time. While disk space is getting cheaper all the time, it still makes sense to keep your archive down to a manageable size. I've tried numerous software tools to review my days shoot, grading them as keepers or not. My hands-down favorite tool for the job is Adobe Lightroom version 2.

Lightroom version 1 was good, but it really came alive with version 2. If you haven't upgraded, you'll be glad you did. If you've never even tried Lightroom, download the free 30 day trial version from Adobe. If you have version 2 already, be aware they have released version 2.3, available now as a free upgrade for version 2 users.

Speaking of hard drive space, you can't have too much storage. No matter what you have now, it tends to grow exponentially. I've tried many hard drive brands over the years (they all will fail eventually) but my choice now for best value and dependability is Iomega brand drives. They offer a great small form, metal cased unit that's great for backups while traveling.
I'd also suggest signing up for their newsletter. You'll get probably one email a week but that's the only way you'll see some really incredible sale items. I recently just bought three 1.25 Terrabyte drives from them for a mere $159.00 each. They work great, look good and bring storage prices down to an amazing 7.8 gigabytes for only $1.00.

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