Sunday, June 7, 2009

Add a point of interest

CLEVELAND, OH -- I was recently in the Arcade with my point and shoot camera in my pocket. Realizing I didn't have any current pictures of this historic building, I decided to spend a couple minutes taking some shots. On looking at the shoot later on, I realized that my first shot was so typical of what many beginners would likely do....walk in the front door, pull out a camera and try to take as much in as possible with one shot.

Unfortunately, from my point of view, while it's a good shot from the point of symmetry, it doesn't tell much about the building's abundant use of brass everywhere. For that, you need a closeup.

By moving off to the side, and recomposing the shot, I was able to feature one of the beautiful brass light posts. You'll also notice that I'm up close enough where you can actually see much of the detail in the post.

From my perspective, I think this tells a much more compelling story of what this historic building is all about.

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