Monday, October 12, 2009

Photoshop Goes iApp

Now, the world's leading photo editor is available for your iPhone. Okay, so maybe you don't get layers and curves, but there's a whole lot more to love.
You can take photos right inside the app or you can load one of your previously taken photos. You can make basic adjustments to exposure, tone and contrast. Cropping is a snap, as is flip and rotate. Convert to black and white, add a soft focus or apply a number of color effects and add a border.
After you're done editing, you can save to your phone or upload to your free 2GB sharing site on if you've registered (it's free also.) You can even upload all your previous photos to the free sharing site and regain hard drive space on your phone. 2 GB of storage should handle 1,500 photos or so. That works both ways as well. Put your best shots on the sharing site (no matter what camera took them) and then review them for your friends on the iPhone.
It's a great app, it's free....what's not to love.

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