Saturday, January 9, 2010

Heavenly sounds - heavenly sights

MADISON, TN -- Attending church this evening gave me a chance to try out the Canon S90's available light capabilities. Hand-held at 1/5 sec. at f7.1 ISO800, some grain is to be expected; but, all in all, I was quite happy with the shot. The organ at St. Joseph's Church sounded beautiful with rich full bass tones and looked just as nice. I especially liked the light and medium wood tones, complimenting the brick front wall of the church.
The small size of this camera lends itself to steady hand holding. While a tripod would certainly have been preferable, for a quick grab shot as I was exiting, this certainly filled the bill.
If you've tried hand-held shots before and not been satisfied, here's my recipe for steady hand-held shots:
2)Exhale and then hold your breath
3)Gently squeeze off the shutter
4)Resume breathing.
Don't forget step 4. It's important.

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