Wednesday, April 21, 2010

5 Quick and dirty travel tips - How to get a better seat or bed, and save money too.

Cheap fare search engine
Looking for a cheap flight?  I mentioned in this article that was my favorite flight search engine. Well, for domestic travel that was correct; unless you wanted Southwest Airlines, who does not publish their fares on Kayak. To solve that problem and also to cover world-wide destinations, I'm now adding another recommended site -  They specialize in web-based special fares and will only work with airlines who will price their flights one-way as well as round-trip.

Best days to fly
Trying to get the most from your long weekend? Want the best prices for your airfare? After looking at a lot of price tables, it seems that your best long, four-day weekend deals can be had if you fly Saturday morning and return Tuesday night. Leaving Friday after work causes you to purchase a hotel night immediately upon arriving. Leaving Saturday morning saves money on both hotels and airfare.

For the other three, see my full article at

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