Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Wildlife Photography – written by Uwe Skrzypczak

No doubt, probably one of the most fantasized photographic experiences is being on safari in the Serengeti of Africa. With all the predatory animals in abundant supply, this is the place to be to get shots of all the “majors.” 

Suffice it to say, those who have actually spent the money to fly to this destination and then came back with merely distant, blurred shots for their album are probably wondering how the professionals get such great, detailed shots.  Had they read Uwe Skrzypczak’s book, they could have vaulted themselves closer to the knowledge it takes to bring back the trophy shots.

Make no mistake, it’s going to require expensive, pro caliber equipment to shoot wildlife from a distance, but knowing what to do with that equipment is just as important as having the equipment itself. In the most detailed explanation possible, Skrzypczak (pronounced Scripcheck) explains his choice of equipment, how to get it there, and what to choose based on the shot desired. 

He continues with a detailed explanation of auto-focus and its multiple modes, with recommendations for times to use each one. Shutter speed is another major area of emphasis. For example, to fully freeze motion on a running cheetah, you better be shooting at 1/4000 or 1/8000 of a second.

Many of his explanations will apply to wildlife whether they are shot in the Rockies or in Africa. Being patient and waiting for the animals to ignore you, applies in most locales. 

However, if you are headed to the Dark Continent, you can’t be without this book.  He gives detailed descriptions of migratory trends and maps as to where to find which wildlife depending on the time of year you travel. The cost of this book is nothing compared to what that can save you driving around looking for animals that “went south” two months ago. 

If you can’t catch one of Uwe’s workshops, this book is your next best investment in wildlife photography

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