Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Why Café – a book review

When I travel solo, I love “little books.”  You know the kind – 100 to 200 pages and small enough to stick in a jacket pocket.  I like knowing that by the end of the trip, for sure I’ll have been able to finish the book. When I traveled from Cleveland to Columbus this week for the Ohio State Spring Football Game, the book I took was The Why Café.

“The Inspiring #1 Bestseller” was written across the top of the book jacket. Already it was pulling me in. I regularly look for inspirational books – just to keep me from getting too comfortable in my routines.

This story is about John and his trip to relax and unwind. Things are anything but relaxing as he finds his way to the Why Café. Entering with a sense of relief as well as one of disbelief, things just start to get more interesting.

Rod Serling would be fond of this story, as John finds himself in the proverbial “Twilight Zone” at the Why Café. From the waitress to the chef, John is given more questions than answers. As you’ll read, that’s not a bad thing – as a matter of fact – that’s the whole point. 

If you are looking for a quick read with some questions to ponder, you can’t go wrong with The Why Café. Author John Strelecky has links to all the places that sell both the physical book and the e-book on his website. I think you’ll enjoy the trip to the Why Café, no matter where your travels lead you.

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