Friday, June 17, 2011

iMainGo: X and iMainGo: 2 – product reviews

You say you want audio? You say you want your volume BIG, but you want your package small? iMainGo has you covered. The two iMainGo audio units are essentially a protective clamshell that has bold sounding audio speakers  and a padded compartment to hold your iPod, iPhone or iTouch. A clear, touch-sensitive window allows control of your device even when the shell is zipped closed.

Not an Apple fan? No problem, both units will work with a host of MP3 players as well. With its gold tipped 3.5mm stereo plug, just about anything with a headphone jack will work. (That means you could use it with your iPad, although a special model for the iPad is coming this year.)


You like your music because it sounds good, and loudspeakers aren’t what you want if they distort the music or audio broadcast you’re listening to. No problem here. The two titanium speakers and two tuned bass ports put out sweet sound no matter what genre you choose. Good bass is hard to come by in small packages and these are about as good as life gets. I and everyone I’ve shown them to have been amazed at the quality.

There are two models to choose from.  The iMainGo: X has its own internal rechargeable battery pack and comes with a medium-sized wall wart plug to recharge or for extended sessions. One full recharge lasts a good long time. The iMainGo: 2 uses 4 conventional AAA batteries obtainable anywhere for up to 30 hours of playtime.


Rarely does anything this compact put out the huge sound of these two units. Literally, you’ll be able to hear these units over 50’ away. Want more distance? Daisy chain two units together and get twice the power. (This only applies to the iMainGo: X model, which comes with two headphone jacks as well as a microphone input jack.)  As cool as that is, I doubt you’ll ever need it. 

Now you can watch your iPod videos and actually enjoy the audio without headphones. You won’t miss a thing with these speakers.

iMainGo products are sold online at their website or you can also find them at Target, Amazon, REI, EMS or MacHelper (Canada) and Amazon UK. Try them, I know you’ll be blown away.

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