Monday, August 22, 2011

SuperTooth HD - possibly the most versatile hands-free device on the market

Driving while balancing your cellphone on your shoulder has never been a good practice. In fact, it's downright illegal in more and more cities across the country now.

Aware of the growing problem, SuperTooth HD was designed as a solution for not only cell phone calls, but for e-mailing, texting and social networking alike. Bluetooth solutions have been available for some time in many form factors, but SuperTooth fast-forwards the concept by leaps and bounds.

The SuperTooth HD device is cell phone sized and fits on your sun visor with a really simple yet functional metal clip and a pair of heavy duty magnets.  It’s easily the fastest to install or remove of any I’ve used.

It pairs with up to eight Bluetooth enabled devices, but will only work with two at a time. With A2DP support, it will automatically detect and pair most late model phones.  After pairing, the device will automatically input your cellphones address book for voice recognition of inbound callers. I was amazed as it quickly and steadily imported my 2,000 contacts. (Maybe it’s time I cleaned out some of those old phone numbers.)

A couple  of  2-1/2” speakers pair up with a 5.4 watt amplifier to enable music or podcast streaming , loud enough to be heard over typical background noise, even with the windows down.   A large analog wheel makes for simple volume control and a pair of LED lights gives you confirmation of charging and connectivity.

But that’s all just the normal operation. SuperTooth HD gives you a free six-month subscription to the “Dial2Do” service that really expands the capability of your device. Enter your contacts and now you can send emails, tweets and Facebook posts – all hands free. By logging in to your Facebook and Twitter accounts, you enable the service to record your voice and actually make posts to your accounts just by touching the Hands Free Assistant button.

Can’t wait to tell your crowd about something you just passed on the way home – you don’t have to anymore. Without taking your eyes from the road, you can make a Facebook post with your own voice as a MP3 recording and the Hands Free Assistant also transcribes your call.

There is also a premium service which you can sign up for that enables up to 30 additional services including list managers like Remember the Milk, Toodledo, Evernote, 30Boxes, etc.  You can also access calendars, weather, and more.

The SuperTooth HD is available now only on for $129. 

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