Tuesday, September 27, 2011

iHome / New Balance NB639 earphones for exercise

Complete kit of earbuds, earhooks, pedometer and heart monitor.  Everything you need to track your workout - at home or on the road.

New Balance knows running. iHome knows audio. Put their engineers together and good things are bound to happen. The new NB639 is a perfect example – sport earphones with a heart monitor and pedometer. Attach them to your iPod, iPhone, iTouch, Zune…whatever music device you like to exercise with, and you’re off.

Adding only 2/3 of an ounce, the heart rate monitor clips conveniently to your waist, sleeve or neckline. No more nasty chest straps.

The NB639 uses “One Touch Heart Rate Monitoring” which means you click the indicator on the monitor once and then keep your thumb in that position. Within seconds, your heart rate is announced verbally in your earphone. No more trying to read small LCD’s while you are exercising. Your music volume lowers during the announcement and then returns to normal.

Press the “Voice Out” button and you’ll be told the distance of your run, the number of steps taken, the length of time you’ve been exercising and the number of calories burned. For maximum accuracy, in the profile software you can specify age, height, weight, and length of walking and running strides.


The unit comes with a USB2.0 dongle that serves a dual purpose. You can plug the monitor portion into the dongle to both download your data and to recharge the monitor. The data is stored for you in the Heart Pal application which totals and graphs your workouts. A PC version comes in the box and both Mac and PC Users can download the software from the Internet.

The headphones by iHome are a great hybrid-style earbud. Wear them straight out of the package as standard earbuds or attach the over-the-ear hooks so they stay on even during the most strenuous activities. 

I’ve not been a big fan of sports clip-on earphones in the past, but these are actually very comfortable and they stay in place amazingly well. Three different interchangeable and washable rubber cones are supplied to fit your individual ear. 

But what good is all the above if it doesn’t deliver awesome sound? Not to worry, I’ve never met an iHome product that didn’t deliver good sound and this is no different. Good bass, clear treble and everything in between. You’ll love it.

Find more information on-line at http://ihomeaudio.com/NB639B

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