Sunday, January 8, 2012

Travelpro Platinum 7 series - 30" rolling duffle

The Travelpro Platinum 7 series rolling duffel stands up to repeated across-the-globe trips.

If you are looking for the “don’t leave anything at home” rolling suitcase, you’ll want to give serious thought to Travelpro’s 30” rolling duffel bag. It’s a split, top-bottom bag that’s ideal for a week’s worth of clothes in one half, and a ton of electronics, reading material, beach toys, whatever, in the other half.

I’ve taken it on trips recently to Taiwan, Chile, London, Zimbabwe and three trips to Las Vegas. Packed with enough gear to almost tip the check-in scales every time, this thing has been loaded for every trip and it still looks showroom fresh. The heavy exterior 2000D ballistic nylon fabric makes it flexible enough to handle various shaped loads but through all the baggage handling and mishandling, it retains its shape and good looks.

Heavy duty skateboard wheels support the load and the bag tracks effortlessly behind you with its sturdy u-shaped retractable handle. The handle feels comfortable in the hand and pulls out just far enough to slip a backpack or briefcase over the handle to keep it from sliding off when you stack them in tandem.

Inside the bag, you’ll find all the typical Travelpro nice touches, like elastic garment tie-downs, zippered mesh pockets and soft, cloth lining. Outside, there’s a long slender side pocket – perfect for an extra pair of sandals or easily retrievable sun screen and bug spray.  Another outside pocket on the top edge is great for last minute items or things you need out first.

Whether you are packing a family’s worth of clothes or enough electronics to rival an ABC broadcast booth, this bag can take it all in stride. On my trips, I was typically transferring to different hotels three to four times a week and traveling for two weeks at a time. Combined with the Shelves-to-go insert I’ve been using for a year now, this has been my go-to bag of choice.

See more about the Travelpro 30” duffel bag at Travelpro’s website, along with information on the many other matching bags in their Platinum 7 line.

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