Thursday, May 3, 2012

Honey, get the phone, no - get the TV

An ideal appliance to keep in touch with globe-trotting friends and family. (Read more about my hands-on test with the Biscotti at

Unlike any single device on the market, Biscotti allows people to make free video calls on their HDTV to family and friends on their TVs, computers, smartphones and tablets. No monthly fees, no head-and-shoulders-only view, just an always-on TV phone that can even be programmed to turn the TV on/off to answer incoming calls (a great security feature if you want to scope out your living room when no one is home).

Ideal for staying in touch across long distances, for traveling parents who don’t want to miss a moment, for seniors who can’t figure out how to use complicated cameras  Biscotti is like reality TV, but with normal people (well, almost normal)

·         Connect with anyone, anywhere from the big screen – whether they are in the living room, the dorm room or anywhere in between.

·         Easy to Install  Biscotti is a single device that fits into the palm of your hand and sets up in minutes. You can control it from the couch with an easy 6-button remote.

·         Real-Life Picture and Sound  High definition camera and microphone captures the entire room, eliminating a head-and-shoulders-only view, allowing users to move about freely.
·         Ready When You Are – Like your voice phone, Biscotti is always on. No more scheduling video calls or waiting for the computer to start. Just tap the remote.  You can even receive calls while watching TV!
·         You’re In Control – Receive calls while watching TV. You can even set Biscotti to turn on the TV and automatically answer certain calls.
·         Everything is Included – No computer or phone line is required.  If you have Wi-Fi and an HDTV, you’re ready to go!

Price: $199 (no monthly fees!)
Available at:

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