Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Black Rapid Metro strap for people on the move

When it comes to taking photos, one of the most essential accessories is a good camera strap. You want it to be secure, but you also want it to compliment the photo taking experience, not frustrate it.
Recently testing the Black Rapid Metro strap, it was apparent that the Metro is up to the challenge. Metro is one of Black Rapid’s latest and lightest straps, made from ballistic nylon – ideally suited for the new breed of compact cameras. With the same secure connection to the camera’s tripod mount, the Metro strap securely attaches your compact camera just like its big brothers.
With its easy sliding connector, you can effortlessly slide your camera from your side up to shooting position in a fraction of a second. Two cinch clips let you adjust the sliding range to your own personal preference.
The Metro is also very compact, such that you can carry it in your bag with your compact camera, always ready when you are. It’s only good if you have it with you when the need arises, so its compact size is ideal.
Despite its small size it can easily handle a larger DSLR if the situation presents itself. Trying it with a Nikon D300S, complete with battery pack, the Metro performed quite well and was very comfortable on the shoulder.
Got a situation where you want security for your compact camera, but don’t want a shoulder strap? Consider the Wrist Strap. The same connector holds your camera with never-fail security, but the strap is only long enough to circle your wrist.
Think about the wrist strap when holding your camera out a car or helicopter window. If the unthinkable should happen, it will be nice to know the camera is not going to get away from you.
When you have some time, check out the entire line up of straps for cameras of all sizes at the Black Rapid website. You are bound to find the right strap for however you shoot.

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