Sunday, June 30, 2013

Revolutionary new Capture system from Peak Design

Capture v2 Camera Clip
A camera can’t capture that priceless shot when it’s tucked in a camera bag or backpack. That’s why Capture was invented – so that your camera is always ready. Capture v2 is now almost available and it’s an even more elegant and versatile way to always keep your camera handy.

Capture v2 is made to attach to a strap, a backpack or your belt, with its positive locking screws and grippers. It will attach to any strap up to 3 inches in width and ½” in thickness.  (If you are using a motor drive camera body or heavy lens, a pro belt like the Think Tank belt is recommended.) Improved grippers keep it from sliding around.

The new Capture v2 offers even better security for your camera. With a 90 degree twist-lock quick-release, the odds of your camera bouncing loose are almost zero. Top that off with a screw lock on the opposite end, and even in high vibration situations, your camera is going to stay in place.

Capture v2 Camera Clip

New with version 2 on the PRO model – a 1/4″x 20 mount for tripod or monopod

Completely re-engineered, this new plate is slimmer, more ergonomic, and yet easier to use with a redesigned slot for positive, clip alignment.  Want to see what kind of technology goes into making one of these things?  Watch this amazing video of the Capture v2 manufacturing process.

On the PRO version, you’ll be getting a 1/4″ x 20 mounting hole on the aluminum base so it can be used in conjunction with your monopod or tripod. With one of three PROplates (Arca, Dual/Manfrotto, or Micro) you can go from tripod to shoulder strap to monopod in the blink of an eye.

I had the opportunity to work with one of the first samples off the production line, and absolutely loved using it on my monopod.  I could quickly go from supporting my heavy f2.8, 300 m.m. lens on a DSLR to shooting with my point-and–shoot held high in the air on my extended monopod.  One Capture clip = lots of possibilities. Be sure to order additional PROplates for each of your cameras or big lenses.

There are also accessories coming as well.  A PROpad is planned for supporting your large lens/camera combinations comfortably on your belt.  There’s also a special mount made for attaching your GoPro cameras to your backpack straps. Watch my blog more hands-on-tests once these guys begin to ship.

Peter Dering, the inventor of Capture, has been doing business a unique way since he came out with his first Capture device. He funded his company via Kickstarter, allowing individuals to back his company instead of angel investors, sharktankers or NYSE big wigs. Now, upping his game, he’s gone back to Kickstarter for round two and is quickly becoming one of the most successful entrepreneurs to use this funding method.  In addition, his customers become his board of directors – how cool is that?

Not only has he raised more than needed each time, he’s been a sharp business man. He’s used the excess capital to invest in what he feels is the sharpest group of engineers and inventors available to help him continually improve the quality and the breadth of his product line. It’s been truly amazing to watch.
For more information on the Capture v2, as well as the available reward packages, see the Capture v2 on Kickstarter.  The current funding round ends August 23, 2013, after which time, you can order Capture v2 on the Peak Design website.

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