Wednesday, July 23, 2014

GARMIN VIRB - actioncam with benefits

If you are looking for a simple to use, high-quality, action camcorder – be sure to look at the Garmin VIRB. This bullet shaped, rugged little camera takes great 1080p HD video or 16MP stills and is extremely easy to operate. Garmin VIRB action camcorder Load it with a micro SD card of your choice, charge the battery and start shooting. The small LCD screen lets you pick from a menu of selections but I find that mine all stay the same each time I use it with one exception. Garmin VIRB-07667 You have the option of shooting normally or upside down, and that’s the one thing I change. When using the tripod mount, I obviously use the normal mode. When biking, kayaking and the like, I have the helmet mount attached to the side of my helmet to get it to eyelevel. In that case, the camera hangs upside down and the menu reverses the video. No need to worry about a little rain, the unit is water resistant (IPX7).
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