Saturday, March 28, 2020

Try birdwatching while you shelter in place during the Coronavirus


If you are like many, you may already be looking for things to do during your coronavirus lockdown. If you’ve played I-spy with your children way too many times already, try turning your attention outside.


Birdwatching is something that can be done anytime you’ve got a view of the outdoors. You don’t even need to go out. Eight of the ten photos above were shot from a window in our home.

With the weather getting warmer, most people under “stay at home” coronavirus warnings are still allowed to go for walks – just not in groups. Being able to walk in a park or around a pond will give you ample opportunities to look for birds.

To make it more of a family challenge, download a bird app for your phone so you can identify the ones you’ve found. The Audubon Bird Guide is free for Android or iOS and is a great one to use. Try to spot at least a couple new bird species each week by visiting and walking in different areas.

An alternative to coronavirus stress

Now is a perfect time to start birdwatching as the trees aren’t covered with leaves, so bird spotting is easier. When the leaves start coming out, you might have to identify the birds by their sounds. Luckily there’s help here too.

My daughter turned me onto this great infographic from AAA State of Play. Click on any bird to hear their call and see if you recognize them when you are out in the field. (Click the graphic for a larger version.)

50 Bird Species and the Sounds They Make - - Infographic

Trust me, this can get addicting once you start. Best of all, everyone can be a bird spotter, and often kids can find them more easily than their parents. Give it a try.

If you’d like some suggestions about bird photography, leave a comment, and I’ll follow up with some recommendations for gear you might want to consider.

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Originally published on  3/27/20

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