Wednesday, September 18, 2019

CyberLink’s new editing tools may be just what you were waiting for

 Serious photographers, stick with me for 3 minutes as I show you the new answer to your video, photo and audio editing needs and how to save some serious money as well. This software has just been released 9-17-19.

With 25 years experience digitally editing photos and video, I can assure you these CyberLink packages are some of the best buys on the market today.

No steep learning curve

The learning curve with Cyberlink products are well below those with Photoshop or Premiere. With scores of DIY videos on-line and customer forums, the answer to your questions are just around the corner.

Prices that won’t cripple your budget

I used to pay $31/month for my Adobe Suite of products back in 2012. Now my monthly charge is up to $53. For a mere fraction of that, you can subscribe to the new Cyberlink array of products and have fresh new content to work with each month. Or,  you can pay a one time fee and have use of the products forever with no recurring charges.

PowerDirector 18 for video editing

First up is PowerDirector 18 Ultra the video editor with vector graphics, animated titles, and super quick, less than real time rendering.

Work with 1920×1080 or 4K video, or like I’m doing here, two of each at the same time.

You can even edit your clips in 360 degrees or the new 1:1 format popular with social media.

Power Director comes with tons of transitions and special effects and there are hundreds more available for free to download.  You’ll never run out of creative ways to present your footage or photos.

PhotoDirector 11 for photo editing

Next up is PhotoDirector 11 Ultra with a handy background eraser for those without a green screen studio.

Photo Director 11 now also has layered editing so you can combine backgrounds, foregrounds and graphics.

There’s a cool deblur tool that will enhance those almost in focus shots as well as AI Art Styles to replicate painted pieces. The strength of each can be varied with a slider and a special eraser can take the effect off specific areas if needed.

ColorDirector 8 for pro-level color correction and effects

While PowerDirector can handle your green screen videos, (including the use of multiple color keyers,) ColorDirector 8 can take your videos to the next level, and you can get there directly from within Power Director. 

Color Director 8 specializes in fine detail controls, frame by frame motion tracking, HDR toning, 3 way split toning, color matching, along with the popular color splash where only one color is retained, or color replacement, where you can turn red into yellow or any other color.

Audio Director for easy to use audio editing

After trying as I did to understand Adobe Audition, I could never get my noisy audio the way I wanted it to sound.  With AudioDirector, my hiss-laden audio background was cured in literally seconds. So easy to use.

Audio Director 10 completes the package with ambiosonic 360 degree audio soundtracks, AI powered wind removal, vocal contouring with pitch control, and multi-channel recording. Again, there’s a ton of tools and each is individually adjustable and savable.

I’ve been lucky enough to have a two-week preview

I’ve been using pre-release copies of all these products for the past couple weeks and I’m duly impressed. With 30-day free trials, I’d suggest you hotfoot it over to and give them a try yourself.

Come back in about a week as I hope to be testing their Director Suite 365 which is a subscription service, combining all four products, with thousands of effects, audio tracks and more. Stay tuned – I think it could be revolutionary in the field of editing software. And thanks for watching.

Comments welcome below as you try out the free 30-day trial.

Disclosure:  CyberLink provided copies of each software package to us so that we could prepare this review.  No compensation was paid or will be paid, and opinions expressed are, as always, strictly our own.

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