Sunday, March 14, 2010

Have playlist - Will travel

You've packed your SUV. You've loaded your tank. Maps are in the glove box (just in case.) GPS is locked on to a signal. Windshield washer reservoir is full. The cooler is packed with ice and your favorite road-legal beverage. The dog is at the pet resort. "Are we ready?"

Ummm....maybe not. What are you going to listen to? That same old 80 gigs of tunes on your IPOD? Hardly. New road trips require new playlists, and real road trips require road worthy songs.

So say Bret and Jackie of "The Jetpacker" blog. They've whipped up the all time top 50 road songs to keep you going. Get their list here. According to them "By the time you’ve played every song on this list, you’ll be 3 hours, 30 minutes and 28 seconds closer to your destination.  Which means you’ll likely play this entire list four or five more times before you get to where you’re going.  But at least these songs aren’t one and done."

With "Free Bird," "Runnin Down a Dream," and "Life is a Highway" blasting from your 200 watt, speaker-in-every-door, pumped-up audio system, you'll enjoy keeping that petal to the metal for miles and miles. Speaking of which, "I Can See for Miles" by The Who should have been on the list, but isn't. Consider that my bonus to you as song 51.

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