Thursday, March 25, 2010

Wet, wild and wonderful waterparks in Ohio

Photo courtesy of Kalihari Resort

With the sun and warmer weather in Cleveland, thoughts are quickly turning to “get out of the house” activities for the kids. Being cooped up all winter, it’s time to get out and enjoy some summer type fun.

But what do you do if by the weekend the temperature has crawled back into the lower digits again?   Where can you go to get some great photos of the family and have the kids really enjoy themselves?

Luckily, within a four hour drive from Cleveland, there are numerous water parks just waiting for your family.
Closest is the Kalihari Resort in Sandusky, OH. With over 173,000 square feet of wild water activities, this is America’s largest indoor waterpark. Wax up your board and surf indoors 365 days a year or try one of their other many attractions.

The whole family can fit into a tube on the Victoria Falls raft ride or crawl through the Wild Kingdom, a 3,000 sq. ft. African-themed play feature that includes net crawls, water guns, and slides from six to 20 ft. high.

In Columbus you will find central Ohio’s first waterpark – Fort Rapids. The whole family will find something to love in the 12 water rides,  1,000 gallon tipping bucket, Black Out Pass or racing on the Shoot Out Racer.

Other waterparks in Ohio include:

Coney Island in Cincinnati with its 3 million gallons of water in the Sunlite Pool.

The Beach Waterpark, between Dayton and Cincinnati, with the only tropical beach in the state.

Columbus is home for Zoombezi Bay with its 15 waterslides. They open May 22.

At CoCo Key Water Resorts in Newark and Sharonville, the year round temperature is 84 degrees.

Get out and enjoy some post-winter water fun.

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