Thursday, December 2, 2010


Before my trip to Alaska, I looked for one and only one book that I would pack to take along. In no time at all, I realized this was the one I needed. They’ve been publishing this annual guide since 1949, and each year it just gets a little better.

It covers the 30 major routes that traverse Alaska and the Northwest Territories with thousands of milepost numbers listed and helpful information about that immediate area. It also covers 60 more side trips that you might certainly do well to investigate. Reading the guide, you know before you pass it, whether or not it’s something you want to see or visit.

This guide is like having a tour guide sitting next to you who has done the route dozens of times and knows every little gem there is to stop for. I drove from Anchorage to Denali on my trip. Before I even got to Alaska, this book pointed out special photographic opportunities I would never have discovered by myself. One of my most dramatic bridge shots was described in the book as a 2 minute hike from the road to get to a vantage point I would have certainly driven right by. Before I ever hit the road, I already had those mile markers I was going to be looking for. Such a great idea.  Read the whole story here on

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