Thursday, December 2, 2010


One of the great features of books is the ability to take us mentally to places we’ve never visited. Add pictures, and we can see for ourselves what others experience in their unique neighborhoods. Add music, and now our senses begin to actually internalize the journey without ever leaving our favorite reading chair.

Such is the experience with Donald McCrea’s latest work, MIGRATION. It is 139 pages of wonderful, full-color photographs that portray all sizes and shapes of America’s cities and activities. Sometimes poignant, often humorous, always interesting, McCrea has gathered a remarkable collection of images for our journey.

McCrea, the editor and one of the featured photographers in MIGRATION, selected the best work of some of today's most acclaimed photographers, including Alex Harris, William Greiner, Peter Granser, and Edward Burtynsky. "I wanted photographs that brought America to life in all of its complexity, beauty, and contradiction," says McCrea.

I especially loved the “collections” by Edward Burtynsky, the rodeo images by Kenneth Jarecke, the big, white-sky images of Dave Jordano and the humorous daily-life, small-town visions of Susana Raab. 

In addition to the wonderful photos, McCrea includes a link to download 12 songs he composed to accompany the book. It’s an eclectic mix of R&B, country, alternative and heaven-only-knows what else, but I loved them. Turns out, McCrea has been a working musician and songwriter for the past 50 years.

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