Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Picking the best cruise line – now there’s help

If you are going to be at sea on the same boat for 7 or more days, you surely want to be on a boat that matches your personality. Pick the right ship and you’ll be in heaven on earth.  Pick the wrong ship and it could be hell on the high seas.

So many destinations. So many cabins to choose from.  So many cruise lines to choose from. Now at least there’s some help. just recently featured all-you-need-to-know in one article by Jason Cochran. Entitled The Best Cruise Lines for 10 Types of Cruisers, the article picks 10 personality types and matches them with specific cruise lines. For first or second time cruisers especially, this can be really helpful.

Here are a few abbreviated examples:

"I'm a foodie" Holland America offers a Culinary Arts Center program, where passengers can learn hands-on cooking skills and delve into the local cuisine of the ports they visit. Oceania Cruises' new ship, the Marina, has a Culinary Center with a similar experience, itself linked to Bon Appétit.

"I'm traveling solo" The Norwegian Epic became the hero of the unwed in 2010 when it introduced a special category of single cabins for solo traveler.

"My teen-agers get bored quickly" For active kids, there's Royal Caribbean Cruise Line. The line has worked hard to set itself apart as a high-adrenaline product.

Chances are you’ll find yourself in one of the ten classes that Cochran defines. When you do, you’ll have your first hint at what cruise line will float your boat. Happy sailing.
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