Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Another location for a scenic skyline shot of Cleveland

Looking for a close-up photographic view of Cleveland’s skyline? Want someplace where you can zoom in on individual buildings? Today we answer the question asked by a couple readers who wanted another location where they could get even closer to the downtown skyline.

In a previous article, we talked about a couple locations where you could get terrific shots of the Cleveland skyline, with a water foreground. Today we’re focusing (no pun intended) on a view from the Hope Memorial Bridge. This is the bridge connecting Carnegie Avenue on the east side and Lorain Road on the west side, formerly known as the Lorain-Carnegie Bridge.

Free parking is available on the west bank of the bridge, right behind the West Side Market. With just a couple minute walk eastwards, you’ll be in position to start shooting.

Depending on your position on the bridge, the juxtaposition of the various skyscrapers will change. At the west end of the bridge you’ll notice the Terminal Tower will appear to the right of Key Tower. As you walk further eastward, the two will align and then the Terminal Tower will move further to the left as you move further east.

This photo excursion is ideal for a mini tripod if you have one. The bridge itself has a very wide railing with a flat concrete top that is ideal for steadying your camera. Suggestion: if you see a lot of traffic coming, wait until it passes, as the large trucks can actually vibrate the bridge. Your shots will be sharper if you wait until the vibration dies down.

You may want to visit this location at many different times of day. As the early morning sun rises, this is the first place to see the sun’s light appearing at the top of the Key Tower. Evening, as sunset begins, will also often give you dramatic clouds over the lake in the background.

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