Monday, February 22, 2010

Photoshop celebrates 20th anniversary

Whether you are a traveling photographer from Cleveland, Calcutta, Cancun or the Canary Islands, chances are you share a similar tool – Adobe Photoshop. It’s been around for twenty years now, celebrating its 20th anniversary February 19.
Over the years, it has become the leader in photo editing and has never had any serious competition from any other program. Literally, it has created an entire industry around digital imaging and millions of people now use it for not just photo editing, but also for 3D animation, architecture and medicine as well.
While many photographers would love to use the entire Photoshop Extended version, it’s still a pricey proposition at $999.00. Luckily Adobe has heard the cries of the photographers with a more limited budget and offers other editions starting at $79 (Photoshop Elements) or even for free.

With the free version online at, you can edit, upload and share your photos and videos with friends. Adobe will give you 2GB of storage for free. There are also apps for your iPhone or Android phones.

In the video below, the founders of Photoshop reminisce about the origins of Photoshop and how it all came to be. If you’ve been using Photoshop for a while, you’ll probably enjoy being reminded of what used to be “cutting edge” effects in some of the earlier editions.

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  1. Sounds great. Because not everyone can afford almost $1000 software to edit their photos. There are a lot of different plugins for every case you naad. You can download only what you need. For example I'm using now and it works great.


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