Thursday, February 25, 2010

Travel reminder…always pack your camera for unexpected, but great photos at the airport

Snow can produce some wonderful photo opportunities, but only if your camera is at the ready. Having your camera available while you travel is rule number one. Great photo opportunities disappear so quickly if your camera is packed in your checked travel bag. If you don’t have room for your DSLR, at least always carry a quality point and shoot in your carry-on.

If you are one of the thousands of travelers at Cleveland Hopkins Airport this morning, you are probably looking out at the falling snow and wondering how long or if you might be stuck. The typical traveler will go into a funk and curse the circumstances they find themselves in. The photographers in the concourse can take a different and loftier viewpoint, by considering “What photographic opportunities does this snowfall present?”

Look around, photo opportunities probably abound.

How about the schedule board? Nothing says “Won’t be home soon” like a picture of the schedule board with all flights canceled. If you are a people person, how about some shots of those long lines of kindred spirits waiting to have their flights rebooked or buying out the magazine stand. Photo tip….keep your distance as some of them might be a little grumpy.

Be aware of your surroundings. I was sitting in an airport restaurant, when I began to notice flashing red lights revolving around the walls. Looking over my shoulder I could see the commotion was beginning to unfold right outside my window. There below me, an obviously distracted refueling truck driver had come a little too close to his intended target, and crushed his truck’s roof as he drove into an awaiting airplane.

Look also for travel photo opportunities shooting photographs of the deicing experience. With the long-armed, monsterish looking machinery and the rising mist from their hoses, again, you can bring back some interesting photos.

For a slideshow of more photos, see my article on

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