Wednesday, January 5, 2011

2011 Consumer Electronics Show

LAS VEGAS, NV   Tuesday, January 4, marked the kick off for this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) as various vendors showed off their wares to the press. A reception was held in the Venetian ballroom for all the Innovation Award winners whose products are considered the best of this year’s tech.

Rumors are that there will be no  less than 100 new tablets and netbooks being introduced at this year’s show. In one press briefing, MSI alone announced 12 new netbooks running the new Intel Sandy Bridge technology.

RCA is displaying a line of mobile video receivers capable of receiving digital TV channels from 2 to 69 on a battery powered handset. They also have models getting ready to mount to seat backs in automobiles.
3D TV’s are going to continue to gain steam this year as the industry experts expect to see twice as many sold in 2011 as were sold last year. One beautiful rear projection unit was on display that had a 9-foot diagonal screen.

HD video abounds with wrist mounted cameras and miniature HD cameras built right into goggles so you can film your ski or deep sea diving adventures. And prices are reasonable – the aforementioned goggles are under $400.

Ready for more? How about combination laptops/tablets, speed camera detectors powered by constantly updated databases, remote controlled helicopter wars….it’s all on the video. Watch it to see some of the show favorites. You might also want to subscribe to this feed to see more reviews coming soon as these products begin to ship.
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