Thursday, January 6, 2011

Hot new PC’s announced at 2011 CES

110105IMG_0639Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft delivered the Pre-CES keynote this evening and introduced Mike Angiulo, the corporate VP of planning and hardware. Mike then demoed five hot new notebooks/tablet PC’s that are pushing the new Windows 7 capabilities.

The first computer shown was an HP equipped with the new Sandy Bridge CPU/GPU which he claimed would provide a 20 times improvement in the speed of the graphical calculations. Even with such a performance boost to the graphics, it actually gets better battery life as well.

The second HP notebook shown used the AMD new Fusion chip and offered 9-hours of battery life. This unit, under $500, also included Northbridge and an Accelerated Processing Unit (APU).

The real crowd pleaser was unit number three from Acer. This laptop offered dual screens, (please watch the video to appreciate this). The second screen replaced the keyboard and could then double as a keyboard or a second monitor.

Samsung’s offering also wowed the attendees with their “sliding series” offering tablet functionality, but with a slide-out keyboard attached.

Lastly, Mike demoed the new model from Asus which offered a full powered tablet with radio equipped keyboard and a case.
According to Mike, they should all be available now on Amazon.
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