Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Head north for extra hours of summer fun

How many times have you said you wished there were more than 24 hours in a day? Well, chances are that’s always going to be an issue – BUT – how about getting almost 24 hours of useable daylight in one day? Now, that’s possible, and it happens every year in Alaska. 

In Fairbanks, right around the time of the summer solstice (mid-June) the sun barely sets around midnight and then rises again about two hours later. No excuse for not getting a lot done with that kind of deal. Think of all those extra hours of fun you could pack in by vacationing in our northernmost state.  (In comparison, in Cleveland, the longest day of the year has only 15 hours of daylight.)

So, are you ready to plan that road trip to Fairbanks or Anchorage? If you go, you’ll want to pack a copy of the newest version of The Milepost. Every year since 1949, Morris Communications has been turning out the definitive guidebook to all roads leading north to Alaska. 

There are three main ways to get from the lower 48 to Alaska – two by land and one by sea. Luckily The Milepost covers them all and oh, so much more.  Just about every major highway in Alaska is detailed, along with ferry details, camping, fishing, wildlife viewing, sightseeing and rest areas. The book also covers all the Yukon Territory, British Columbia, Alberta and the Northwest Territories.

You’ll want to pick up your copy well before you leave.  With a large, pull-out planning map, this is the best pre-planning  investment you can make. You’ll not only be able to decide which route is best for you, but also see which side trips you can’t afford to miss.

Driving information is given milepost by milepost with cautions and attractions noted in detail. Reminders might be a caution about frost damaged pavement or then again maybe a general caution about an abundance of black bears in the area. Cellphone coverage (or the lack thereof) is explained and suggestions are made for photo-ops and wildlife viewing.

To get this kind of insider’s travel knowledge, you’d need to hire a personal guide. Unfortunately, personal guides take up a whole seat. The Milepost on the other hand is content to sit on your lap.

Order The Milepost through their website or look for it in your local bookstore.

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