Friday, May 13, 2011

Why travel matters – Well-being

It’s National Travel & Tourism Week this week, and in my last article I discussed the health benefits of traveling. As the video stated, you have a 50% better chance of avoiding a heart attack if you take an annual vacation. Whether you live in Cleveland or Hollywood, getting out of town for a few days does make a difference. 

The health benefits can’t be denied, but there is also the whole issue of your mental health as well. Your well-being incorporates a whole range of emotions and feelings that can be improved with some leisurely travel.

Getting out of your regular routine and seeing some new country-side can change your perspective, opening your eyes and mind. Being aware of your new surroundings might even generate some ideas on how to improve things for the better when your return.

Traveling and meeting new people can create connections that would never have been possible had you still been home plopped on your sofa. Whether it’s a small town chef, or maybe a friendly lifeguard; you’re guaranteed to meet people who you never knew before. It might be a five-minute conversation or it could be an entire evening spent chatting around a campfire. You might even meet your new soul-mate.


And who doesn’t have the urge to explore?  I’ll bet there are at least a half-dozen things you’ve been wanting to do or places you’ve wanted to see.  It doesn’t have to be an elaborate or expensive vacation to knock one of those off your list. 

Take a moment, pick one and plan to go somewhere soon. You owe it to yourself and your well-being.

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