Wednesday, May 11, 2011

When zero equals ten – a ZeroWater review

Another in our “Packing for your road trip” series…

With vacation season quickly approaching, plans are being made for a week at the vacation cottage or condo. Unfortunately, lots of kids think the water tastes “weird” when you travel anywhere other than your own neighborhood. Even flavoring it with KoolAid or Crystal Light is still met with wrinkled noses.

Water does vary greatly across the country and especially if you are traveling to an area with high mineral content. What’s a traveling family to do, short of just drinking soft drinks? Pack a ZeroWater pitcher and your problem is solved. It’s a case of Zero = a perfect 10.

ZeroWater is the only filtered pitcher that really does remove all those nasty, bad-tasting mineral deposits and leaves you with clear, odorless water. 

From the manufacturer: “A distinctly different technology than any other water filter pitcher on the market, ZeroWater uses dual ion exchange, the preferred technology of the food and beverage and pharmaceutical manufacturing industries. Endorsed by the Water Quality Assoc. and the Environmental Working Group, it is the only filtered water that meets FDA’s definition of purified bottled water. And, it is the only pitcher on the market proven to completely remove all detectable Chromium-6, perchlorate and dissolved heavy metals in tap water. “

Since most people don’t believe advertising copy, they actually include a water tester in with each pitcher. Simply dip the tester in your water before and after filtering it to see the difference. You’ll be amazed. That’s also how you’ll know when it’s time to replace your filter – when readings hit 006 it’s time to replace the removable filter.

My city water supply, which I think tastes pretty good actually, measured 134 pp/m TDS (Total Dissolved Solids.) After pouring the same water through the ZeroWater pitcher, the exact same water registered 000 pp/m TDS.  Even bottled water purchased at the local grocer measured from 110 through 190 pp/m. (So much for those supposed “glacial river supplies”.)

As you travel the country, expect wildly different levels of dissolved solids in your water supply. Sorry, Nevada, Arizona and North Dakota; you are reported by consumers to be the worst with readings over 401+. You can even check your local zip code on their website for readings supplied by other customers.

ZeroWater comes in various models – 8 cup, 10 cup and the 23 cup refrigerator-shelf model. You can order online or pick it up at many major retailers. Be ready to finally know what “purified” water actually tastes like.

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