Thursday, March 31, 2011

Product Review – Dexim AV Dock Station

Podcasts on an iPhone are a great way to keep up on current events, learn a language, or be entertained. Provided that is, that only one person wants to watch at a time and provided the phone is within an arm’s length away. Any further and the viewing experience tanks.

I’ve wanted to watch podcasts when I worked out in my home gym, as well as in my motel rooms, so I was excited to see the Dexim AV Dock Station for iPhone and iPods. It’s so simple that it only took 2 minutes to install and now I’m watching all my podcasts in 720p on a 37” flat screen. Most new motel sets also have component inputs so it makes sense to pack this little gem along for your next road trip.

The Dexim DRA022 is one of two models that play video and audio through your home theater. It uses three cables to deliver R, G, and B wires to the component video jacks and another two wires for stereo sound. The other model (DRA107) uses a single wire for composite video and two audio wires if your set does not accommodate component video.Both units come complete with a remote control so you can sit back and  relax while you watch.

Adapters are included for different model iPhones, iPods, iPod Touch and iPod Nano’s. The only other requirement is that you set your iWhatever to output a NTSC signal (for the U.S.) and poof, big, bold pictures on your home theater screen. Listening to audio is also improved by playing it through your larger system.

For parties, you can now watch downloaded movies as a group. You could also set your photo collection as a giant slide show, with pictures big enough for everyone to enjoy.

The Dexim products are available worldwide. Here in the US, check AT&, Brookstone, RichardSolo (online), Skymall and Target.

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