Monday, March 28, 2011

Product Review – Shelves to GO!

Rarely do products come along that really revolutionize the way I think about travel. Shelves to GO! Is one of those products however. From the first time I used it, I was sold.

I met Gary Stout, president of Shelves to GO! at the 2011 Travel Goods Show in Chicago, where his product was selected as one of the top three most innovative products of the year.  It’s a product that takes only about 10 seconds to demonstrate and about 10 seconds to actually use when you get it home.

In its simplest form, Shelves to GO! consists of three lightweight, but rigged shelves, surrounded on three sides by a lightweight mesh, and suspended on either side by a strap with hook to go over your closet rod or closet door.  When hung in your closet, you just load them up with the clothing you plan to pack. They’ll hold up to 35 pounds of clothing. (You aren’t leaving for three months are you?)

Then, when everything is aboard, unhook from the closet rod and walk over to your rollaboard suitcase. With the suitcase open, align the two and lower the Shelves to GO! unit down into the main compartment. It flattens on itself as you lower the straps. Close bag. You’re done!  

It actually takes longer to explain it than it does to watch their simple, short video

There are two models available: 20 “wide for your 22” rollaboard and 18” model for the European style rollaboard. Included with the units are some packing suggestions with good information like how to keep pants and jackets most wrinkle-free. 

When you arrive at your destination, you can forget those dirty hotel drawers and just hang your unit from the closet rod.  Ten seconds and you are unpacked. How great is that?

Used and endorsed by flight crews around the world, the units come with a one year warranty. They can be ordered online at

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