Thursday, March 31, 2011

Product Review – Stashsafe 200 – anti-theft hip pack

Some of our most exciting adventures come in places that are off the beaten path. Venturing into the unknown requires some street smarts and a healthy dose of preventative measures to insure our safety and the safety of our gear.

Such is the thought process behind the Pacsafe line of anti-theft travel gear. Since the majority of loses come at the hands of pickpockets, strap or bag slashers, bag snatchers or just plain gear thieves, it behooves us to take some measures of security to thwart these evildoers. Pacsafe specializes in doing just that.

Stashsafe 200 protects you multiple ways

Most hip packs can be unbuckled and grabbed by a professional bag snatching thief in one quick motion, usually before you realize what’s happened. The Stashsafe 200 hides its clasp under a Velcro flap and offers a padlock for ultra-security if deemed necessary.

Strap slashers can sever the strap on your bag in one second with a sharp enough knife and be off with your bag. The straps on this bag have a concealed stainless steel wire that will thwart any knife.

Bag slashers operate in similar fashion, cutting the bottom of your bag and letting all your gear fall to the ground, usually leaving you in an immediate state of confusion or worse, not realizing it’s happened. The bottom and sides of the Pacsafe bags offer an eXomesh slashguard to prevent this. Picture a miniature chicken wire, sewn between the layers of fabric, concealed from view but always protecting your gear.

Pickpockets work up close and can quickly flip the top of your bag open, reach inside and grab whatever feels valuable. With the Stashsafe 200, all zippers fasten to concealed clips requiring too much time for them to do it unobtrusively. 

Interior compartments for everything you need

The Stashsafe 200 has a total of 244 cubic inches of storage for all the stuff you need to carry,; but it’s not a big looking bag when worn on your waist. There are:
  • ·         Two main zippered compartments with pouches, mesh pockets and flaps galore.for change, business or credit cards, whatever.
  • ·         Hidden rear zippered pocket
  • ·         Three padded pockets for phone, MP3 and camera.
  • ·         Headphone port so your MP3 player can stay locked inside while you listen
  • ·         Key clip so those keys don’t get lost in the bottom of the bag
Obviously, you need to use common safety sense when traveling, but a pack like this takes one more thing off your mind so you can really enjoy the experience where ever life takes you. 

I got my Stashsafe 200 from Magellan’s has the widest possible variety of top brand travel products you’ll ever need and if you order by 2:00 pm PST, you can have it next day if you want. Check out their website or request a catalog. You won’t believe how many cool products they carry.

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