Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Yuupon – real vacation deals without the hassle

Flash deals, Group deals, Bidding with chips; there are just so many ways to get bargains on vacation packages… IF… you can handle all the hassles. Most people don’t have a gang of 12 ready to go. Others don’t know exactly what date they can go in the next four months, so, many of these “deals” go unclaimed. Too much stuff to deal with. Let’s face it, after Cleveland’s winter, we are looking for somewhere to getaway, and we certainly want to leave the hassles behind.

Enter Yuupon.com, a new site launched just today. Aimed at making the experience simple and hassle-free, it looks like they’ve succeeded. With deals of 45% to 90% off and with flexible dates, they plan to offer from 8 to 20 deals each week. The deals will range from mid-priced offerings to the high end packages.

You’ll have up to seven days to decide on a package and then you can book it with the date open for future selection. Nice. Once payment is received, a voucher is issued for the particular destination. The trips are even transferable. Super nice.

Even after purchase and payment, you‘ll have an additional eight days to get a full cash refund. After that time, a credit for a future trip will be given in lieu of cash back. Simply request cancellation before the date listed on the voucher. You’ll then be able to use your payment toward any other destination Yuupon lists.


Even if you aren’t ready to book a vacation immediately, you’d be wise to go to Yuupon.com and register as a user.

Instead of Yuupon.com going out and creating a big ad campaign, they are going to take $1 million dollars and disperse it randomly to the initial members signing up for this site. In increments of $10 to $1,000, members will be assigned vacation dollars called “Getaway Gold.” To earn even more “Getaway Gold,” like them on Facebook or tweet about them on Twitter.

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