Thursday, March 31, 2011

Product Review – Runnur – made for movement

Guys, if truth were known, have always been jealous of women’s purses. How nice to be able to have a bag with all your “stuff.” Guys have to make do with their pockets, because, at least in North America, man bags never really caught on. 

Now, courtesy of, there’s a solution available for guys of all ages. (Actually women will use them as well.) The new Runnur is a bandolier style strap with pockets and pouches for just about everything you’d normally try to stuff In your pockets.

Going clockwise around the strap, there are holders for your:

  • ·         Photo I.D.
  • ·         Credit cards, business cards, cash, and notepad.
  • ·         Pen and pencil/markers
  • ·         Smartphone
  • ·         MP3 player
  • ·         On the bottom is a carabineer for keys, a large DSLR camera, monopod or extra drink container
  • ·         Water bottle or extra camera lense goes in the mesh expandable pocket on the rear
  • ·         An extra zippered pack for whatever ( I use it for extra camera batteries and flashcards)
  • ·         Sunglasses holder with stiff sides for protection
  • ·         In addition, the back of the unit has a strip of highly reflective tape for safety at night
I’ve used it now on a couple photoshoots in place of carrying a shoulder bag for just one or two extra lenses. Since it fits like a messenger bag, from one shoulder to the opposite hip, there’s no way it’s going to slide off, even when I get way down low to the ground for that dramatic shot. 

The possible uses are endless for this product from photography to hiking, from biking to sightseeing. You’ll use if for just about everything except running – go figure. When you’re back home or in a restaurant, a convenient D-ring at the top easily hangs the unit from any coat hook. 

Watch the video and/or check out their website for available colors. The units are sized like you would buy a t-shirt, so order accordingly.

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