Thursday, March 31, 2011

Product Review – H2Otugo drink holder

Airports are about hurry up and wait. Once you make it past security, if you are like most people, you’ve got another hour or more to wait before you’ll board your flight. Can you say Starbucks?

A refreshing beverage takes the sting out of waiting so long for your flight and for sure, a second drink is in order when your flight gets delayed. But did you ever try to balance a hot coffee or a water bottle on those skinny airport seat armrests? Didn’t think so. to the rescue with their tugo drink holder.

Most people seem to be pulling a rollaboard bag today and most of those have dual vertical supports for the handle. If that is you, the tugo has just the gadget you’ll want to investigate. With just a couple quick twists of its straps, the tugo hangs between your bag’s vertical handles and gives you a spill resistant cradle for your drink. (Watch this short video.) 

The tugo is manufactured in the USA and is made using materials without phthalates. Phthalates are plastic softening agents that are being phased out because of health concerns, but you knew that already didn’t you? The inventor, Karen Porte, is a nurse and she knew enough to watch out for you.

The tugo swings freely if you ever have to pull your bag to another gate. In its original form, the tugo would support up to a 20 oz. drink cup – hot or cold.  With an optional enclosed mesh insert, you can now also carry water bottles, baby bottles or canned pop.  With the mesh insert, it’s called the H2Otugo. Clever.

The tugo is $9.95 and the H2Otugo is $12.95. If you already own the tugo and want to upgrade, the mesh insert is available for $3.00. 

Tugo is available on their website or from dozens of retailers. See their site for a list.

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