Monday, March 21, 2011

Product review – E-Ink Worldtime Watch

Digital watches have been around for years, and honestly, there’s not much new and exciting about most of them. Trying to change that concept is Phosphor Watches with their new E-Ink line.

These chronometers are one of the only curved watches on the market presently utilizing this technology. The E-Ink Digital Worldtime answers the traveler’s need to track multiple time zones, have a watch that is stylish and yet easy to read.
With a 9.3mm curved body, the watch hugs your wrist. It comes in a choice of models with black leather, black polyurethane or stainless steel bands.

The E-Ink technology gives this watch its strikingly unique look – with either white on black or black on white lettering. (This is the same technology used on the Kindle Book Reader.)

You choose the combination with one selection bar press. You can also choose one of five display modes, showing different combinations of date, day, time and second time zone. Travelers will especially like being able to see two separate time zones simultaneously.

The E-Ink line is available at their website, on Amazon and dozens of fine retailers around the world.

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