Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Product review – Spiderpodium

For all those gadgets you own that don’t come with a stand, Breffo.com has an answer for you, and it’s call Spiderpodium. It’s a gadget holder extraordinaire. With as many legs as a spider and way more moves than Gumby, this thing will form itself to hold whatever you need held.

As popular as the iPhone is, the darn thing is just not easy to mount where you want it. Want to mount it in on your tripod to take photos or video – not  going to happen. Want to stand it up on a table to watch a video – good luck. Until now…

The Spiderpodium can handle all these with just a few twists and turns. It’s flexible appendages will form whatever shape you can imagine and hold your phone, your digital camera or maybe a GPS.

It will attach to your car seat back so kids in the back seat can watch iTouch videos. It will hang from your rear view mirror or from your a/c vents on the dash. It will even wrap around handlebars on your bike or your treadmill at the gym.

The possibilities are endless. When you aren’t using it, fold it flat and stick in your bag or glove compartment. You’ll be glad you did.

Spiderpodium is sold in black or white models, but I’d recommend the black as it won’t show the dirt as much. It’s also available in a larger model for your iPad and iPad 2.

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